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The Seven Deadly Sins of Web Business Design

Before you take a road trip it is usually a good idea to know where you are going. It is the same when you are building a business, creating a marketing plan or building your web site. Know what your end result will be when you are planning and designing your site will help you to build it properly from day one.

Here are the 7 Deadly Sins that most web business owners commit when designing their site.

  • Picking a business without knowing wether there is a deman.

  • Picking too broad of a subject. If you pick a huge subject like real estate the likelyhood of soaring to the top of the search engines is slim. Niches tend to be easier to conquer and more profitable.

  • Picking a low cost web host. You get what you pay for. Many low cost web hosts go out of business leaving your business lost in cyber space.

  • Failure to analyze keywords for profitability. Picking the right key words for your business can be the difference between making and losing money.

  • Failure to create and maintain your site's meta tags. These are the html tags that tell the search engines what your site is about. No metatags equals little to no traffic to your site.

  • Failure to optimize your web business for search engine ranking. Just adding meta tags will not earn you a number one ranking. You need to know how to pick a domain name, and how many times to include your key words within your site.

  • Failure to submit each page to the search engines on a regular basis. The greater the number of pages in your site that are spidered, the better the chance that your buyers will find you.

    About The Author

    Caterina Christakos has worked as a web designer, web design consultant and internet marketing specialist for companies all across the US. This is the web business design software that she reccomends the most:

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