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Writing a Statement

You have decided on a great idea and researched a publication, what's next?

Before you write any part of your article you should write a statement. This will keep you focused and makes the writing process much easier and quicker.

A statement should be concise and have between one and three sentences. Here are a few examples:

How to buy a good second-hand motor vehicle Changing jobs and finding your ideal position Moving house with little or no stress Five secrets of a healthy mind and body

The next step is to write between three and six essentials you would like to cover in the article. For example:

"How to buy a good second-hand motor vehicle"

  • Where to obtain finance
  • Who can check the vehicle for roadworthiness?
  • Will a trade-in be required?
  • Decide on the vehicle make and year
  • You can write them down in any order and then simply renumber them in the order you want each one to appear in the article.

    Now you know exactly what you are going to write about. Research will be effective and less time consuming. Anything that slips into your article that is not one of the essentials or directly relates to the statement doesn't belong and should be removed.

    A statement keeps you focused during the research, writing and editing processes. You have a clear direction. The content of your article will be meaningful.

    Editors will love your work and keep asking you for more.

    Barb Clews is an award winning journalist with nearly 1,000 published articles to her credit. She has been a writer and editor for 15 years and is the author of "Article Writing for Freelancers" and "20 Tips to Increase Writing Skills" Visit to subscribe to "Words that Work", Barb's monthly ezine packed with tips for writers.

    In The News:

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    Geoffrey Hinton, "godfather of AI," continues to warn about dangers of AI, saying industry leaders and politicians need to work on the issue now.
    Researchers at MIT and McMaster University have identified a new drug that can kill a type of bacteria responsible for drug-resistant infections.
    Enhance your holiday gatherings and birthday parties to another level with a number of apps on your smartphone such as "Evite," "Heads Up," Zoom and more.
    Kurt "The CyberGuy" Knutsson warns about the dark web and explains how you can know whether your data has been stolen and what steps you should take afterwards.
    Many of the apps on our smartphones can trick us with free trial periods but then charge huge subscription fees. Here's what's worth the money and what isn't.
    Make sure to follow this advice from Kurt "CyberGuy' Knutsson before you dispose of your Android smartphone, and keep your information stored and safe.
    AI leaders will eventually need an international authority in order to regulate future superintelligence, according to the leaders of OpenAI.
    Apple gears up to introduce a new feature via iOS 17 that will not only act as your assistant, but will be able to clone your voice in 15 minutes.
    AI has so many functions that many industries can and will take advantage of. This will significantly change daily work functions and what jobs look like years from now.
    Natural language processing is one of the most advanced fields of artificial intelligence. Some experts have several legitimate concerns about this type of AI.
    People in Texas sounded off on AI job displacement, with half of people who spoke to Fox News convinced that the tech will rob them of work.
    Tech leaders, such as OpenAI's Sam Altman and Google's Sundar Pichai, posted essays this week arguing in favor of regulating artificial intelligence as the tech becomes smarter.
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    Passkeys have been recently introduced by acting as a password managers. Because it is a new concept, you should not abandon your current password manager.
    A tech designer is building a program called Seance AI, which will allow users to speak with a chatbot mimicking a dead loved one that could help people find closure.
    A look at the history of artificial intelligence and the advancements made in AI technology in recent years, plus some answers to frequently asked questions.

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