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Why You Should Write Articles or At Least Get a Ghostwriter to Write for You

Overture reports over 1 million queries for article keyword related searches for the month of July 2005 itself. What this could actually mean is that a whole new level of exposure for your name and your services are awaiting you out there to grab. To get into the list of benefits of using articles as your marketing medium will require a list of pages to all of them listed down. I'll try to get a few of the most important ones explained in detail for you.

It's totally free.
Nothing beats this. Nobody can. Looking at the fact that the huge list of benefits it owns, getting something this profitable for free is just too good to let go. Of course there will be the time and effort you need to invest in order to get your articles done, but considering the returns you will gain by that is just simply out of the world phenomenal. There are hundreds of article directories out there, ready and more than happy to accept your article submissions for free. Keep in mind that having millions of readers to visit the more well established directories on a constant basis are not that uncommon.

Get your website crawled and in the shortest time possible.
Submitting your articles with your author resource box to a high profile and well established article directory can simply bring onwards one meaning - inviting the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN to come to your website faster than ever before. No more waiting for weeks and months for the conventional "crawling period" after manual submission to the search engine submission page.

Get backlinks to your website on automode.
This one simple concept can make link exchanges obsolete. As everybody knows how search engines love content and how websites need to obtain new content from time to time to entice and feed the hunger of these search engines. You can't avoid the fact that other websites than the article directories themselves will start using your articles as part of their content. Bounded by the copyright terms your articles possess, your website URL remains intact, thus giving you a direct link back to your site. The higher and more informative your articles are, chances are you will be seeing constantly growing backlinks to your website.

Build your name and credibility.
If there were 2 same identical individuals selling 2 identical product with the exception of one of them having their knowledge and ideas expressed openly in form or writing, which one of them do you think will achieve a higher conversion rate? Yes, the one who writes. No doubt, credibility can be built in a lot of other ways, but having a potential buyer reading paragraphs of information laid out by you will only show that you're in fact knowledgeable in the services or products you offer, consequently cutting your effort of closing the sales to almost half. This concept is pretty much a walk in the park. The more articles you write, the more information you're sharing with the rest of the world, giving you a more well established known figure in your field. But try not to underlook the importance of quality after given the gift of quantity.

About the Author

John Teh is an avid writer and provides monthly ghostwriting services at the most affordable rate. Get to know more of his services at

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