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Tracking Your Articles Properly

Writing articles related to your business is a great way to build your link popularity and also to provide more content for your site and other sites. Not too mention it's always nice when someone finds your site and uses it within their newsletter.

The only problem is, what if people dont tell you that they were using your articles??? How would you know who to reward?

I say reward because of another article I wrote, "reward those who publish your articles". It briefly outlines how to boost your articles popularity by boosting the other sites it's listed on.

Let's say for now, you just want to track your articles properly.

#1 Creating appropriate forlders within your "favorites". Every browser allows you to create a folder in order to hold your favorite web sites. Organizing your favorites folder is key when you plan to market your business 24/7. In this case, we'll create a new folder called "Articles Listed".

Within that folder, you'll want to start creating other "sub" categories for EACH INDIVIDUAL ARTILCE that you market.

For instance, let's say you have about 10 articles that you always promote, you'll want to add 10 folders within your new "Articles Listed folder". Make sure to give them a short but recognizable name that you would be able to distinguish which article it is for.

Ex. (I will use 3 of my title's)

  • Tracking your articles properly (Folder: Tracking Articles)

  • Writing Articles To Boost Your Traffic (Folder: Writing Articles)

  • Reward Those Who Publish Your Articles (Folder: Reward Publishers)

    #2 Always keep the same headline for your article: I've visited many sites who consistently change the headline of the article simply to make it seem like a different article. Don't be shy, I'm sure we've all thought about it, infact, I am also guilty.

    Starting now, let's all keep the same headline...

    The reason for keeping the same headline is for 1 keeping a strong consistency with your marketing and 2 making it easyer to find your articles online.

    #3 - Finding All Of Your Articles: Now let's find them for you... (Hoping that you already created your folders within your favories menu?)

    I preffer using Google's Toolbar for this but it is not required. Let's all go to: and start looking.

    Why google? Simply the best...

    Take your 1st article and cut and paste the EXACT title within the google search. Now add "" at the beginning and the end of your title

    Adding "" at the beginning and the end will narrow your search to exactly what's in between.

    For ex. "Tracking Your Articles Properly" would give me better results than if I were to search: tracking your articles properly. Actually I do recommend you try both methods just in case.

    Now once you have found a site that has listed your article, add the exact page your article is listed within the proper folder you created within your "favorites menu".

    Once you have completed this task for all of your articles, it will be very easy to keep up with your new articles. Another thing is, if you plan to reward those sites, you now have them all seperated into proper categories.

    I hope this helps you out even a little like it did for me...

    FREE GIFT: Get my personal list of sites to add your articles! Simply send a "blank" e-mail to: and get my list right away.

    About The Author

    Martin Lemieux

    Smartads - President

    Affordable web site design & Web Site Marketing Tips

    ASES - Affordable Search Engine Specialists

    Please feel free to re-publish this article within your site. Everything MUST remain in tact!


    Send us a note of the location so we can add a link on our site to where you have used the article!

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