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The Best and Fastest Way to Get Unlimited Free Back Links Guaranteed!

Submitting Articles for redistribution is the best way to get one way Back Links to your Web Page. Google, Yahoo and MSN (the big 3 in Online Searches) account for well over 80% of all Search results returned on the Internet use one back Links to your web page as the key factor in determining your Page rank. Anyone can Create and submit articles by following the simple steps outlined here.

The 7 Key Elements to writing that Article

1 - Find a Topic

If you can answer any of the following questions you will have at least one topic to write an Article about.

  • What are you good at?

  • What have you had success at?

  • What is your Passion?

  • What advice do people always come to you for?

  • What are your Hobbies

    2 - Write Your Headline

    A rich in Keywords and power words seems to work best. Look over article directories and see which titles grab you. Don't copy a title but you can use the same power grabbing words.

    Instead of an Article Titled, 'How to pick out an Apple.' Try 'How to Find the Sweetest Juiciest Apples every time Guaranteed!'

    3 - The opening Paragraph.

    If all else Fails Just write 3 or 4 sentences about your article. Tell them what you will tell them. Grab There attention use some keywords.

    4 - The Article Body

    Write 3 or 4 paragraphs about your topic. Take some time look over what others have done. Use the Internet as a research tool. Don't steal someone else article just the information. How did I know that Yahoo, Google and MSN account for over 80% of Searches, I read it on a web Page. How did I know that Back links are Important for your Page Rank, I read it on the Internet.

    5 - The Closing Paragraph

    Just review the key points from your article and explain how the reader can benefit from it.

    6 - Edit and Proof Read Your Article.

    Rework some sentences. Add some Keywords. Maybe add a little Pithy, You know those thing about my Grandfather, Robert Allen and John Childers. Proof read it 3 or 4 times.

    Put yourself in the position of the reader. Make sure it is something that you would enjoy reading about. If you don't like it why would your reader

    Now Put yourself in the Position of those Page ranking Bots throw in those Keywords where they work well but don't over do it. Remember it still needs to appeal to the reader.

    The Last thing you do is a Spell and Grammar check.

    7 - Resource Box

    Don't forget your resource box. 2 or 3 Lines about yourself with links to your Web Pages (remember I did Promise you those back Links)

    Now that you have finished you first article you will want to submit it to the Article Directories. Do a Yahoo or Google search on Article Submit

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