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Dieting Strategy -- Stop Diet Drop Out

Diet drop out, a significant problem for all types of diets, requires a new dieting strategy. Exchange it...and watch diet drop out rates plummet.

What is Diet Drop Out?

To stop a diet plan before reaching your goal or before reaching a pre-defined time limit is called diet drop out. Not one diet succeeds at keeping diet drop out rates low. One or more of the following strategies are used by diet plans in attempts to eliminate diet drop out:

  • Shorter Dieting Sessions

    This is a strategy that more often back fires, setting the stage for weight gain. Subjects placed on shorter dieting sessions experienced weight loss at a faster rate than those following longer sessions.

    Fast weight loss (over 3-4 pounds/week) is unhealthy and negates any progress made on lowering diet drop out rates.

  • Severe Calorie Restriction

    This strategy follows the same principle as faster dieting sessions. Allow dieters to lose weight fast, and they won't have time to drop out. Unfortunately, severe calorie restriction also causes weight gain.

  • Diet Holidays

    This strategy allows dieters to take long breaks or "holidays" from following the diet. However, the opposite result is often observed. Diet drop out rates increase because many dieters never start the diet again.

  • In order to provide a strategy that works, diet plans should ask dieters why they drop out. Then simply provide a solution for the reason dieters drop out, problem solved.

    Why Dieters Drop Out

    When dieters are asked what is the hardest part about dieting, the response is surprising. Most dieters say that following strict diet menus, not exercise, is the hardest part.

    A good strategy for decreasing diet drop out rates would address the menus. This is exactly what Exchange It accomplishes...giving dieters more control over what they eat.

    The exchange process involves substituting healthy food choices for harmful ones. For instance, substitute a healthy fat, like Omega-3, for saturated fats. This allows you to eat more fats, and still remain on your diet.

    To learn more about Exchange It! and other new dieting strategies, click...

    Exchange & Other Dieting Strategies

    To Healthy Living!

    Michael A. Smith, MD
    Chief Medical Consultant
    Diet Basics Website

    Dr. Smith is the Chief Medical Consultant for Diet Basics, a content rich website dedicated to your weight loss success. Quickly becoming known as the net's primary resource for weight loss issues, his RSS Feed and News Blog are received by thousands of e-zine websites, medical centers, and individuals. The interactive content is original and informative, challenging readers to act and maximize their weight loss efforts.

    To Healthy Living!

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