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100 Top 2004 Secrets to Success

After all the things I have shared with you this year on what is needed to feel good about yourself, your potential, and your chances of realizing your desires, here is a quick list to review your progress. Remember, you are a success no matter what. The fact that you are checking off your accomplishments indicates that you are ready to climb the next peak.

During this year, through other articles, I shared with you on where to find the light switch and how to turn on it's light, however, you took the time to find and apply. Take a bow for all that you have accomplished and not for what remains. Do evaluate whether you really gave it your full strength though, that is where the guilt appears and will hold you back in 2005.

Here is a quick list of all the secrets to success that I've shared with all my avid followers this year.

1. The road to success begins at the intersection of humility and egomania.

2. Time needs to be made in order to reach your goals.

3. Being a success is being fulfilled in whatever aspect of your life you choose.

4. Be yourself.

5. Nobody is born a success, they create it.

6. Success isn't a town you can drive to--it's a state of mind.

7. The four elements crucial for success are: (1) your talents/strengths, (2) your desire (higher than passion, (3) the success team you've added to your repertoire, and (4) attraction is the universal law and it's something you have to help create.

8. Everyone has strengths. They need to be found and maximized.

9. If you don't fit in, find where you do, and take on that path. Swimming backstroke uphill isn't worth it and you will not extra points because you do.

10. Believe you deserve success isn't a question, it's a must.

11. Become your own first fan and other people will too.

12. Prepare but don't focus, for adversity, plan for other possibilities.

13. Catch self-defeating behavior immediately when it begins.

14. Set realistic goals that feel achievable now, give them a short date, and then keep moving them up.

15. Decide what you are willing to do and exchange what is already in your life in order to achieve your goals.

16. Learn to see yourself as you want others to see you.

17. Start behaving like someone who has already achieved your goals.

18. Aim, leap, and run in the direction as hard as you can.

19. Match your strengths and talents with all your work efforts.

20. Know your own personal values and proceed with them in all that you do.

21. You must have a "get out of my face" desire that is like a positive rage.

22. Success is not an accident or found in a lottery ticket, you need to create it.

23. Let go of any feelings that life isn't fair.

24. Make leaps every day.

25. Act as if everyday starts with a clean white board and you have the choice to write whatever you want on it.

26. Strive for one peak, then another, and another. Keep on booking peak after peak.

27. Success is a place you cannot achieve alone.

28. Surround yourself with a team of believers.

29. Listen and learn from the best in your line of focus.

30. Step out everyday and network within your scope of success.

31. Lose any dream-busters--yours or others.

32. Always remember you are your own Captain of your ship.

33. You must take risks in order to gain success.

34. Confront change with open arms.

35. You don't need anyone's approval to attain your goals.

36. You can learn to attract all that you want, it's like creating your own luck.

37. Focus on solutions, not problems.

38. The harder you work, the more you will attract.

39. There is a big distinction between attraction and chance. Name it to claim it.

40. Turn disadvantages and all setbacks into advantages and prosperity.

41. Learn to recognize and use opportunities as soon as they arise, next week is too late.

42. Be an optimist, and surround yourself with the surround-sound of the same. Mirror out is mirror in.

43. Learn to listen and follow your intuition and instinct.

44. Be lucky in life. Love yourself and everyone will love you as well. Look for love in all the right places-- inside you--first.

45. Seize your day or someone else will.

46. Success is too important to take seriously.

47. Only create an affinity with others who believe in the same.

48. Be concerned with your image, it really does matter, even in your pajamas. Don't sleep nude, you'll live nude. Sleep in silk and live in silk.

49. Dress for where you want to be not where you had been.

50. Protect your reputation.

51. Build references that match your goals, nothing less.

52. Realize you are already a pillar of success; you just desire to climb a new peak.

53. Create a fan club.

54. Use common sense to balance.

55. Do better than your competitors.

56. Eat healthy and exercise daily. Get healthy--physically and mentally.

57. Accept responsibility.

58. Anger isn't in the vocabulary of someone successful. Leave it in the dictionary.

59. Check in with assumptions on a regular basis and clean, clean, clean them up immediately.

60. Clean house of all bad habits, not just one here and there. Toss them all out with the bath water.

61. Push yourself to be challenged. Keep stretching; don't even think about anything that doesn't.

62. You have to want success, breathe it, eat it, dream it, pray for it, work at it, sacrifice for it, beg for it, to get it.

63. Express your gifts in the highest manner.

64. Just because people believe something of you, doesn't make it so.

65. Don't take your lemons and make lemonade, trade them in for oranges because you can make more money with orange juice then lemonade.

66. Tunnel vision on what you want to succeed in is a good thing. Learn to say no often to anything else.

67. Motivational rage has no fear when it is powered by optimism.

68. Match your strengths and talents with opportunities in order to build a success formula.

69. Define yourself in terms of potential--the value you bring the world not in context of your job, your role, or your relationships.

70. Know everything about your gifts/talents, skills, knowledge, loves/hates, beauties, fears, flaws, faults, and foibles.

71. Know what people pick up the phone to call you for.

72. What do you naturally seek to do or possess? What are your obsessions? What do you naturally gravitate towards? These are your natural gifts.

73. Know your weaknesses and stay away from them.

74. Understand, accept, and embrace who you are--love you and be selfish about it.

75. An aura of self-confidence attracts attention.

76. Pay the price, or your competitor's will.

77. Make your own breaks.

78. Develop a high degree of self-awareness.

79. Package your talents and money will follow.

80. Become charismatic.

81. Believe anything is possible.

82. Make something special happen everyday!

83. Be a success as a human being.

84. Everyday is a memory, draw that memory moment by moment, and the picture will be one of complete success in everything you do.

85. The party is today not someday. Write the party plan out and whom you want to invite. Don't let anyone crash your party.

86. Shine, it's perfectly okay to do so.

87. Success hours are when your dreams come true.

88. Become a good story pitcher.

89. Work hard, be prepared, and be available.

90. Are you willing to pay the price for success?

91. There is going to be a time when a big audition will need to be performed, are you ready?

92. Be the last one standing.

93. Never under estimate your competition or that you don't have any.

94. Luck has some control buttons, know what they are and learn to control them.

95. Your differences are your success.

96. Don't fall into the pitfalls of doing things others want you to do.

97. Learn to be who you are. It's different than who you've learned to be in order to survive or please others.

98. Eliminate a barrier mindset: "If only I could master this, I'll have more to offer."

99. Write your obituary. Include at least five special qualities and five accomplishments (date not required).

100. Become a tiger in your own tank--go get them the'r tiger.

(c) Copyright 2004, Catherine Franz. All rights reserved.

Catherine Franz, a eight-year Certified Professional Coach, Graduate of Coach University, Mastery University, editor of three ezines, columnist, author of thousands of articles website: http://www.abundancecenter.com blog: http://abundance.blogs.

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