How to Advertise on the Internet

Do you want to reach millions of potential customers for FREE? Well you can if you know how. The Internet, that massive network of thousands of computers around the world, also known as the "Information Super Highway," is your ticket to generating free leads and sales.

As with any other medium, there is a correct way and an incorrect way to advertise online. One correct way is to post your message to various newsgroups that welcome advertising. If you dig around, I'm sure you'll find a couple of newsgroups that fit this description. Posting your ad to these newsgroups is a good way to start your advertising campaign because they are seen by millions and it didn't cost you a dime. Your ad will last for about two weeks and then you will need to repost your ad. Keep track of your ad response and focus your efforts on the ads that bring you the best results.

Another source of free advertising is publishing articles that others can reprint freely. People such as webmasters and e-zine publishers are always in need of fresh content. Write about something you are interested in. If you have a certain area of expertise, write an article about that. Place a resource box at the end of your article with all of your pertinent contact information. Don't attempt to sell your product here. Do that when you get contacted for more information.

One more source of free advertising is ezines. Some ezines allow their subscribers to advertise for free. Different ezines have different rules regarding their advertising. There are a lot of directories online that list ezines that offer free advertising. Just go to any search engine and type in ezines and you should find a considerable amount of ezines listed.

You can also create what is known as a signature file. A signature file is a footer that goes at the bottom of any email that you send out. Your signature file contains information such as your company name, email address, and website. You should also include a short sales message in your signature file.

Now that you know the correct ways to advertise for free online, here are a few incorrect things to do when advertising online. Don't be tempted to post ads in any newsgroup that you see. Follow their posting rules to the letter. If they say NO ADVERTISING, don't advertise. This is a good way for you to get thrown out of the group. Additionally, don't write articles that serve as sales letters. Editors will spot this rather quickly and they will not publish your article. There are many places to advertise for free online. If you utilize them, you will be well on your way to building your business online.

This article is available for reprint provided the resource box stays intact and you notify me when you have used my article. As a way to say thank you to the people that use my articles, I give that person a free solo ad sent out to my ezine list. Contact me by filling out the contact form on my website. Be sure to include either a copy of the newsletter it was used in or the url of the website it was used on. Once I confirm the location of the article, I will run the solo ad. The only rule is that I cannot promote sites that aren't family friendly.

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