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How to Get Ideas for an Article?

Are you short of ideas? There are times when we are in the mood of writing an article, but suddenly may feel lost without ideas, wondering what do we write about. Does it apply to you?

I had many such occasions and found the following simple tips most useful.

1. Browsing the net

Just use your hitech machine which is awaiting to execute your commands. Type the words "article ideas" in your favorite search engine and click. You will be amazed to find the number of articles the search engine has picked up for you. Just scanning some of them will help you to refresh your blocked mind and charge you with a number of ideas. Don't forget to immediately jot it down in your Notepad before they disappear from your mind.

2. Newspapers and Magazines

There is a tremendous amount of information lying in the Newspapers and Magazines. Scan them thoroughly since quite a few of them may have been overlooked . The daily newspaper provides you with a lot of relevant information on current topics. The writer in you will get inspired and bring out excellent articles in minutes just by reading them.

Magazines are also yet another source of information to motivate you. These may contain a bank of articles, which could turn out to be inspirational reading material.

3. Television and Radio

As we view the television and listen to the news so many excellent ideas may pop-up in your mind . Immediately note them down them on a scribbling pad. It will always come in handy at a later date, especially at times when you are low on ideas but in the mood of writing, this would prove less taxing whilst compiling an article.

4. Emails

Daily we receive a large volume of email, solicited and unsolicited, from friends, relatives etc. Some of these can be very informative. It will be wise to make a note of these before deleting, as these may contain a wealth of ideas.

5. Forums

Visiting forums is another good idea to instill new ideas, and will definitely brainstorm your mind. Very interesting topics would be discussed, and they may act as a stimulant for fresh ideas.

6. Friends

Communication in any form with friends, direct or online will often lead you to richer ideas, they are a potential source of new ideas.

7. Family

We cannot exclude our own family. Our interaction with each member of the family, either young or old, contributes to growth of ideas.

In brief, there is no lack of ideas in the world. Ideas are aplenty. All we need is just to seek them in the appropriate time, jot them down, and use them as and when required wisely, in our own unique style.

Lakshmi Menon is a writer and networker with 4 years of home business and marketing experience. Website:

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