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An Easy Way to Write An Article: Get Someone Elses!

Every successful website needs to be, what the experts consider, content rich; therefore, what better way to boost your website's content than by providing your visitors with articles to read about the subject of your website. Getting articles for your website is one of the easiest things on the Internet to do. There are hundreds of websites that are dedicated to publishing reprintable articles that other webmasters may use for content on their websites. The drawback, which comes in the form of the author's links, is not really a drawback if you consider that link as a potential ally to your website's ranking in the search engine ranking world.

Here is a list of 3 article website warehouses that allow reprint rights:




These three websites can provide you with articles on any subject, covering any field. To note, however, the articles on these websites are short (500 words or so) and sweet (almost outright advertising) but do fill your need for content when you do not have time to write articles yourself. Of course, you need the time saved to go out and promote your ever-changing, content rich website.

Using other peoples articles is the easiest, most time-saving way to fill your website with content. And, to add to your credibility, an occasional article of your own about what you have learned from your borrowed articles is always an easy way of gaining that much needed original content your website needs. Post the article you write on all three websites listed above, then you will have some much needed one-way links into your website and much needed free, viral advertising. I include the term viral because if your article is used by other webmasters on their sites, you will gain added website visitor traffic from that article's link.

Once you have used or are using another author's article, it is customary to send an email to that author about how, where, and why you are using their article. This email also teaches you about how to network with other people that have common interests, drives, and desires like yourself, which becomes a power component in your success.

Now, once you have supplied your website with this much needed content, how and what do you do with the articles that you have stockpiled?

Here is a plan that you can use to gather and utilize other people's articles:

* Spend the time to collect and Post at least 5 articles a week on your website.

* Combine all five articles into one article and send it out as a weekly newsletter.

* Save and network with all 5 article authors for future Joint Ventures.

* Feature 1 of the articles each week to use in your daily postings in groups and forums.

* After three months, combine all the articles as a quarterly report.

Of course, the main goal of all this content shuffling is to guide one visitor into becoming a paying customer; and, the quality of the information contained in the articles you supply must be validated by you in order for the mutual benefits to occur. Basically, you should read the articles yourself and determine if the information is true and concise. So do take the time to prejudge the articles you use even though you are trying to save time for other marketing.

Eric Smith

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