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Net Worth Nympho

There are plenty of people who are in love with their bank books. In life, there will always be extremists.

None so extreme as the 'Net Worth Nympho's', who can check their bank account or investment balances 24/7 via their cell phone, computer, PDA, or absolute worse case scenario 'telephone banking'!

Technology has permitted the former check book fanatic, to now live, eat, and breathe their finances in millisecond, real time, ESPN style coverage. You may have met this type of person; you might even see them every morning when you are brushing your teeth.

So when does obsessing over ones assets cross the line, between a little excessive compulsive, and truly becoming a behavior that deviates from what society finds acceptable?

Well, first off who cares what society thinks?

What we are talking about here is addiction, plain and simple. Just like a nymphomaniac is addicted to sex, many, many people have become addicted to money.

You would be surprised how many people are out there. The X-Korn guitarist admitted being addicted to money, Millard Fuller the founder of Habitat for Humanity, rapper Chuck D, and even the recent eBay scammer Charles Stergois, sentenced to six years in prison, admitted he was indeed addicted to money.

There is a very clear difference between success and wealth.

Although they often go hand in hand, I think many people get their wires crossed, and allow reality to slip away.

The main stream media certainly hasn't helped, and advertising today would challenge almost anyone's psyche to believe we should all be driving Mercedes' Benz.

Most people can tell the difference between right and wrong, but often in one's pursuit of success they can start to focus on the wrong things.

You may need help if:

1. Your obsession with money is affecting your work, family life or relationships.

2. You have lost your ability to concentrate, as your thoughts always veer back to your account balances, real estate portfolio or stock account.

3. You spend too much time or money online in search of your financial fix.

4. You are going into too much debt in pursuit of increasing your net worth.

5. Someone close to you tells you there is a problem.

6. You are lying or denying, to your loved ones or yourself, to cover up your financial activities.

If this is you, or someone you know, please seek out expert assistance. In the USA, we would highly recommend visiting a professional like Heiko Ganzer of Money Addicitions of America ( someone equally as qualified. In Canada, the Center for Addiction & Mental Health's website ( is a great start to find help. The internet may be part of the problem, but it also may become the greatest resource to find healing.

So, if it becomes an investment statement, bank account, or real estate portfolio that makes you feel successful, then that is absolutely fantastic. Keep up the great work, and enjoy your wealth to the fullest.

Just don't forget to focus on the other areas of your life that have been with you through thick and thin.

Consider this? "You can't take it with you when you're GONE!"

by Lee Raito, CFP, FMA
Co-Author of Business Sexcess

Business and financial expert Lee Raito is a Certified Financial Planner and Financial Management Advisor. Lee has teamed up with Internet marketing expert Sam Heyer to provide you with information that will take your business success to a place it has never been before. Their recent book, Business Sexcess, is the much talked about book that will transform how you look at business.

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