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How do Tiger Woods and other Tippy Top World Achievers do it ?

They 'do it' by sharpening their FOCUS on the task at hand to a 100% FOCUS Perfection...

Here's a New and Startlingly Simple method, that Really Works... to sharpen your personal and business FOCUS to world class level... just like the world's top performers do it...!

This simple trick to pulling off this 100% Focus Perfection is to visualize that your mind is a simple cassette audio tape recorder and player.

If you are in the midst of an important task, such as hitting a golf ball, or doing a critical business task, and you feel your self thinking too much about and getting too fearful about negative experiences you've had in the past,

Stop and use your now visualized cassette player...and push the button labeled 'FAST SPEED FORWARD' and bring your self forward to the present...and then push the button labeled 'NORMAL PLAY' then you can then easily think and act to handle the task at hand that critically needs doing right now in the present.

If, on the other hand, you feel your self thinking too much about and getting too fearful about negative possibilities that might happen in the future, again, Stop and use your now visualized same cassette player...and push the button labeled 'FAST SPEED BACKWARD' and bring your self back to the present and then push the button labeled 'NORMAL PLAY' then you can then easily think and act to handle the task at hand that critically needs doing right now in the present.

When you are in a continuing stressful situation, which often is the case, just keep doing the above button pushing over and over again for as many times as you need to do it...and don't forget to take a nice relaxing deep breath each time you do the button pushing and also crank up as many stress relieving smiles and laughters as you can each time you push the buttons.

This method really works like a charm every consistently do the above and you will also become a tippy top world class personal and or business focuser and achiever...just like Tiger Woods and other top world class exceptional doers.

As a bonus thought, remember the following bromide and adhere to it's wisdom and for sure, it will add decades of extremely healthy and joyful living to your overall lifespan...

Harbor Fear and Stress and Worry in your mind... ...and for certain...You will Die Early...' Eliminate Fear and Stress and Worry in your mind... ...and for certain...Fear will Die Early...'

Authored by - Dr. Rich Starr - PHD Psychology

Copyright - 2004 - Dr. Rich Starr - PHD Psychology

This article was excerpted and paraphrased, with permission, from...

Dr. Rich Starr's Remarkable 'Like Never Before Info' Book entitled...


About The Author

Dr. Rich Starr - PHD Psychology...has been writing for... the Personal MOTIVATIONAL & Business MARKETING industry for over 30 years. He has shown tens of thousands of individuals simple techniques to maximize their Human Potential and bring Massive Success and Prosperity into their everyday Personal lives and or Business lives.

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