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Four Article Marketing Secrets to Boost Your Internet Home Business Profits

Many internet home business owners today have learnt that one of the best ways to promote an internet home business today is through writing and submission of articles online. This is because your articles get placed on high traffic websites and in turn people click your link in your signature line to your internet home business website.

This article highlights 4 article marketing secrets that any internet home business owner can use to increase the number of visitors to your website via your signature link in your article.

Give affiliate members articles

Some of the top internet home business owners today give articles to their affiliates. These affiliates are then allowed to add their own affiliate referral links to the articles and put them on their own websites or newsletters. This is a great way to get extra publicity to your website and you get much needed Pagerank and website traffic to your internet business.

Submitting to high traffic directories

When choosing what article directories to submit to online, always choose directories that have a combination of two things, high PageRank and a high website traffic. This is important if you are hard pressed for time and find that article submission takes a lot of time.

Pay for distribution

Personally I would recommend for their excellent submission services if you could afford it. Article submission if done well can increase the "reach" of your articles and drive much needed website traffic to your internet business. In one experiment that I made, I started having a stream of visitors to my website after submitting just 10 articles.

Get others to write for you

If you are hard pressed for time and have the money, go to online freelance websites like Elance or to get people to write articles for you. You would want to tell them your writing style and give as much detail as you can in your description. I usually purchase articles in batches of 20 and when I deem that a particular author can write well on a certain subject, I increase the number of articles contracted. Remember the more articles written the more leads you get to any internet business you are promoting.

In conclusion, article marketing online represents one of the most important ways many internet home business owners use to market their internet business programs online. These four tips thus represent some basic ways to ramp up your internet home business promotion via article marketing online.

Joel Teo is the successful owner of several successful internet business ventures.Click here to learn how you can start your own successful internet business today.

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