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A Simple Suggestion to Improve Your Article Marketing

Article marketing is becoming more and more popular, especially as marketers begin to see the impact and influence they can have from one well-written, well-timed, and well-placed article.

Some marketers use an article distribution service like the Phantom Writers or iSnare, or distribution software like Jason Potash's Article Announcer, but many marketers submit their articles manually, working from a list containing somewhere around 100 article sites they either created or were given.

While article marketing is perhaps the best low-cost or free way to market online, many marketers miss out on a key part-their resource box. Because many marketers are focused on keyword anchor links, they anchor their website link to certain keywords. For example, if I did this, I would write:

Jeremy M. Hoover helps you market your business by writing low-cost lead-generating and traffic-generating articles.

This works great for HTML submissions, but what happens when someone cuts and pastes your article to put on their site? Or what about sites that don't accept HTML submissions? In either case, you can actually lose the hyperlink to your site, especially in the case where someone cuts-and-pastes.

One simple suggestion to fix this problem is this: Use both keyword anchor text links and a natural link to your website. Using my site as an example, again:

Jeremy M. Hoover helps you market your business by writing low-cost lead-generating and traffic-building articles. For more information, visit his site at

Including your website link both as keyword anchor text (which helps with search engine placement) and as a natural link will insure that your website link remains intact in your article, regardless of how someone comes across it.

To promote your business better, you should build a network of lead-generating, traffic-building articles. Jeremy M. Hoover will write these for you, at a very good cost. Order now at

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