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50,000 Articles Indeed

How is it possible to turn an idea into the biggest online Article Archive in the world? One man did it, with the help of a great team. He did it thru perserverence and dedication. He pressed on as other wavered. When others would not take the road less traveled, he dared to blaze a new trail. Rarely do we see such standouts in our world, yet occasionally we are re-assured that all is well in the world after all. We are reminded that the American Dream is possible. While others scream past and fall short, or give up and quit, there are those willing to go the distance and press on to greater heights. under the direction of a fearless leader, Chris Knight and more importantly a team of diehards did what no team on this planet had ever done before, a team which even grows today with the newest editor Wally. They have collected over 8,000 authors and now today over 50,000 articles in one place for all the world to see. A milestone? Yes, 50 thousand articles is an unbelievable milestone, one of many already reached and one of hundreds ahead of it. What does it mean? It means when human intent and teamwork along with steadfast resolve accept a challenge, that there are no limits. You can do anything in life you want to do, if you will simply "Will It to Be!" was nothing more than an idea, a concept; today it is the largest Article Archive on the Internet and it is growing faster and faster each day thru synergies of folks like you and I. Think about it, look what we all did. 50,000 articles, Wow. There seems to be no limit.

For you and me and as a tribute to the human race in our period EzineArticles is like a collective of the human endeavor. Expert authors each contributing a little and some a lot put for the greatest single collection of Helpful Hints for Humans ever in the history of the Internet. Think about this. No matter what you call , it is more than that. It is many things to many people. But what is it; what makes so great? What do you think of when you see 50,000 articles and know you were part of it all? What is it is different things to different people. The fact is that is more than just a company; "It's a Concept." It is whatever you want it to be. It is magic or at least it sure seems to be. What is it to you is it a:

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"Lance Winslow" - If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance;

In The News:

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