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Guide to Choosing the Right Disney Vacation Accommodations for Your Family

The secret treasure of Davenport's and Kissimmee's townhouses.

Though usually Orlando is thought of as being a big city with bright lights and lots of hotels, Walt Disney World and Universal, and more tourists than you can count, most people don't know about the secret treasure of Davenport's and Kissimmee's townhouses.

Away from the usual loud noises and big crowds are resorts clustered off the beaten path that is usually trod by tourists who want to experience the world of Orlando. Though these tourists certainly experience it's many hotels, restaurants, and trinket shops, they fail to experience the relaxation for which Florida is so well known.

Getting caught up in the hype of a fast-paced mentality to see-all and do-all every moment of every day on vacation can be easy, especially when in an environment that supports it full force.

That's why townhouses are the best choice when it comes to a vacation in Orlando. Not only do you steer clear of all the hype and hubbub of the tourist traps, you can enjoy Central Florida at your own pace, making your own decisions, and not giving in to anything being shoved down your throat.

How about a Townhouses?

Though it seems that Orlando would not be the setting for such townhouses, it certainly is. With so much do in Orlando such as seeing Mickey and Minnie at Disneyworld, riding rides at Universal, or seeing the splash of a whale at Sea World, people are always looking for a place to stay when they come for a visit.

Though hotels and motels are a popular choice, most people do not know about the other options that are available to them in the same price range, with even better quality than most hotels.

Not only that, but hotels offer one room, townhouses offer two or more, a kitchen, living area and some even have their own washer and dryer.

The key here is where do you want to spend your vacation?

Cramped in a hotel room on a crowded hallway in a small hotel across the street from trinket shops and fast food chains?

1. Or do you want to spend your vacation in a place that is off the main tourist drag in a beautiful townhouse where everyone in your family can have their own room.

2. Their own space, where you can cook the meals instead of going out to eat every night

3. Where you can watch a rented movie or have a family game night without feeling cramped in close corridors.

4. Where you can actually unpack your clothes and things from your suitcase.

5. Where you can feel at home away from home for however long you are staying in the Central Florida area?

These are the choices you must make, these are the comparisons you have to choose between.

The townhouses offered have many deals and discounts waiting for you to jump on that will make your stay in Orlando, Kissimmee, or Davenport a nice and comfortable one that will be affordable as well.

Close to Disney parks and not far from Orlando attractions, these townhouses area available to rent and are your cheap ticket to a stay in Central Florida that you will never forget.

Imagine a long day at an amusement park. Though it was wonderful, the kids are tired and hungry, you are exhausted and ready for a nap, and all you have to look forward to is getting back to your single hotel room where everyone will want some space and quiet.

How much better does a townhouse sound?

Townhouses will allow your tired kids to grab a snack from the kitchen and relax with a movie or go for a swim in the pool while you go to your own room to relax with a book or to take a nap.

Booking a townhouse to rent will allow your vacation to be a lot more relaxing and a lot more enjoyable.

Available however you desire, the townhouses in Davenport or Kissimmee (both right near Disney) are built with two bedrooms or more. The beautiful townhouses are a treat to stay in and nice to make into your home for the entire time that you are in Florida.

With the ability to make it your home away from home, it allows you to feel more comfortable and more settled. The beautiful setting is an added bonus to the townhouses with the lush green landscaping signature to Florida as palm trees dot wherever you look. Not bad when considering the other option is a room in a hotel with a window view of a parking lot or a neon restaurant sign across the street.

Request your desired townhouse size and find out the cheap renting prices that go along with the resort that has built them.

Find out about the specials that are being offered.

And don't forget to ask if any discounts are given for specific memberships or cards.

Booking townhouses is not a difficult thing, in fact it is quite easy. Pick up the phone and call the resorts in Kissimmee or Davenport, ask them for details and information and then make your final decision.

Or log onto their websites and find out all you need to know from prices and sizes of townhouses to pools and restaurants.

Read Florida magazines and look for townhouse resorts in Central Florida. You can even call Orlando Visitor's Bureau and quiz them about which townhouse resorts are the best in the area. Don't be afraid to ask for information to be sent to you, most resorts that feature townhouses will be happy to send you information on their property.

DO your research, however, don't wait until the last minute to make your decision. Though these are quite the secret among Florida tourists, more know about the townhouses that you think and you want to make sure to book your reservations before they are sold out during your vacation time.

Once you get to the townhouses, you will find out that there are many other things to do in Central Florida besides the highly publicized attractions.

There are outlet malls, numerous golf courses, beaches, theatres, museums, and activities for the kids that are too many to mention.

Orlando is a place that attracts visitors and tourists -- families, singles, couples, grandparents ? people of all generations want to have at least one vacation in the Central Florida area to experience the sights and sounds of Disney World, Orlando, and all the shopping, eating, and swimming that they can handle.

It's not only a fun place to visit once, it's a great place to come back to year after year, time and time again.

The way that you will make great memories to want to experience another time is by having enough room to enjoy all the fun and laughter together. This is why townhomes are perfect for any family, couple, or group traveling and visiting Orlando.

You can enjoy all the same wonderful aspects of the city and get a break from the rush and crowds at the same time.

Come visit Central Florida in a fashion that will bring you back and in a way that will make you not want to say goodbye.

Spend as much as you would in a hotel, but treat yourself to some space and beautiful surroundings instead of a one-room box. What more could you want? Spend your vacation in townhouses.

Orlando won't be able to get any better if you do.

art mccarty Orlando florida lodging expert

Art McCarty
Orlando florida lodging expert

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Guide to Choosing the Right Disney Vacation Accommodations for Your Family

The secret treasure of Davenport's and Kissimmee's townhouses.Though usually Orlando... Read More

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