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Proactive High Performance Teamwork

Proactive High Performance Teamwork is made up of nine proactive components and will provide the growth you are seeking in your practice. Two of the nine components are Performance and Opportunities.


High Performing Staff=High Performing Bottom Line!

Successful practices excel in the filed of Patient Services

**It's not about product...It's about Service!! ....your "Absolutely outstanding service"!


New service options and availability can create tremendous opportunities for revenue and profit from existing (as well as new) patients. Seek to provide so many services and benefits that patients choose to keep returning.

**Every patient is an Opportunity looking for a place to happen!

Learn to look and listen for Opportunities!

Patients must be made to feel important, appreciated and valued.

Focus on making each patient feel they are the most important patient you have....because they are!!

Position your practice to do more cosmetic dentistry. Although insurance doesn't cover cosmetic dentistry, more and more patients are choosing cosmetic procedures.

All too often we think the patient in the treatment room knows what cosmetic procedures are available to them, when 95% of the time the patient doesn't have a clue! Many times it is just a matter of mentioning what's available.

Don't speak in technical terms, speak in simple laymen's terms so the patient will understand what you are saying. You're the one who took dental terminology, not the patient.

Speak in terms like:

"Have you ever thought of closing the gap between your two front teeth?"

"Did you know those two 'pointed' teeth could be made to look as nice as the rest of your teeth?"

"You have such pretty teeth, you are a perfect candidate for making them whiter!"

Remember: Every patient is an Opportunity looking for a place to happen! Look and Listen for Opportunities.

There are 72 + million Baby Boomers in their mid-fifties, who's children are now out of college (no more college education to pay for), who have more disposable income to spend, and who are extremely concerned about their appearance.

Strengthen and enhance your practice's image by building a reputation of excellence and becoming an office that provides so many measurable benefits in services to your patients that is reinforces their decision to keep returning.

Services so beneficial to your patients that receiving care in your office offsets any inconvenience the patients may have ("You are not on my provider list", "your fees are too high", or Your office is too far away").

Often your most creative ideas come from your employees and your patients. Learn to listen and understand both your employees and your patients.

You and your team are marketing a high quality service...and the patient defines quality. From their first telephone call through enrollment and treatment, make sure your practice presents an overall "Absolutely outstanding service" experience for your valued patients as a benefit from your....

Proactive High Performance Team (work)!

About The Author

Livvie Matthews, Business Office and Patient Relationship Specialist helps you FOCUS on narrowing the gap between your practice -- your business. Visit Business Office News

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