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Decisions Can Change Your Life

To realize that you determine the outcome of your own life is not always easy, in fact, it is a hard task. All you need to do is take control of your destiny you can do this by alternating your values and start taking control. This will help you to make your life more productive and fulfilling.

When you feel you are ready to raise your standards write down all the things you will no longer accept in your life. When you have done that write down your desires. People like Leonardo Da Vinci, Abraham Lincoln and many others took theses steps to raise their standards. The same standards are available to you as they were to them. You just need the courage to claim it. Remember whatever steps you take to change something, whether it is work related or a relationship, it all begins with changing yourself.

If you are without belief, you cannot raise your standards; you will never have the conviction to carry them though. From the moment you make a decision, your destiny is shaped.

There are decisions you have to make every day of your life. These will control your destiny. You will start to notice how you feel, what you do, and ultimately what you are becoming. If you do not control these decisions, you are simply not in control of your life. When you are in control, you begin to sculpture your future.

The Decisions Are:

?What to focus on.

?What things mean to you.

?What you need to do, to create the results you desire.

The decisions you have made in the past have determined who and where you are now. It is the three decisions above that help to create your destiny. If you are unaware of these facts the chances are you are not where you would like to be right now.

Making a decision is a mental tool. You can use it at any moment to change your entire life. The moment you make a decision, you have set in motion a new cause, effort, direction and destination for your life. You will literally begin to change your life the moment you make a decision. Remember, if you start to feel that things are not going right, make another decision and change it. A real decision is measured by the fact that you take a new action. If there is no action, you have not truly decided.

I realize that the hardest step in achieving anything is making a true commitment or true decision. To carry out your commitment is often much easier than the decision itself. So make your decisions intelligently, but make them quickly. Going over you decisions for a long time is no good. Studies have shown that the most successful people make decisions rapidly because they are clear on which direction they are travelling. Studies also show that people who fail usually make a decision slowly. By changing there minds and always bouncing back and forth.

Just Decide:

The more decisions you make the better a decision maker you will become. Unleash your powers right now by making a decision you have been putting off. You will not believe the energy and excitement it will create in your life.

There is no way around it; at times, you are going to make a wrong decision. When this happens instead of beating yourself into the ground, ask yourself.


?What is good about this?

?What can I learn from this?

This failure may be a blessing in disguise especially if it helps you make better decisions in the future. So instead of looking at the setbacks learn a lesson from your failure. This can save you time and money and help you succeed in the future. Once you have made your decisions be flexible. By this, I mean do not make a map, which you have to stay rigidly on, make sure you have a map with alternate routes.

Finally, if you now use these decision-making strategies, it will increase your quality of life.

Remember this:

?Success truly is the result of good judgement.

?Good judgement is the result of experience.

?Experience is often the result of bad judgment.

?Bad or painful experiences are sometimes the most important.

Mark Claridge specializes in teaching motivational and self-development skills. In his new book, "Mindset and Match" he covers amongst other subjects how having the correct mindset can bring you all you want out of life and is available at

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