Interesting? (but unnecessary)

At any given moment, there are 'things' occurring within the open space of awareness. Sometimes there are inner 'things' occurring; a fleeting thought, a welling up of an emotion, a physical sensation. Sometimes there are outer 'things' occurring; an interaction, a perception of an event, an experience of some sort.

Things happen. Occurrences occur. Happenings and occurrences are simply movements and moments which take place within the open space of awareness. The open space of awareness is the not-so-obvious but oh-so-necessary ground and flavor of each and every 'thing' that occurs or happens. Awareness is the backdrop against which, and within which, all things appear and disappear. Things always appear and disappear. Always.

Most 'things' that occur are just plain unnecessary. Almost all happenings are unnecessary. Most movements, moments, or happenings that occur within awareness are non-essential, non-mandatory, interchangeable, or simply unnecessary. The 'things' we are aware of are simply the 'things' we use to create our life story, our personal identity, our obsessive drama. The degree to which a 'thing' interests us is the degree to which our attention will attend to it. When attention is stuck or fixated, the natural unbound openness of awareness is shrunk to the size of our obsession. Pitifully, pathetically, shrunken.

One moment it's a thought: "hmm, I sure am hungry?I wonder what's in the fridge."

Or anger, fear, or uncertainty.

Another moment, a pang of loneliness overcomes us.

Or jealousy, concern, or sorrow

Now, attention locks onto an outward event.

Then this, then that, then this, then that... And on it goes.

Distraction, reaction, obsession...

Awareness shrinks to the size of whatever our obsessed attention is riveted to, for as long as it remains interesting. It's all so unnecessary.

When happenings and occurrences are seen to be unnecessary, attention can be freed to relax as the openness of awareness itself, without 'doing' anything at all.

Occurrences will always occur and happenings will always happen. What is, already is. It matters little what occurs or happens, because what is, is occurring and is happening, now, already.

Giving life permission to be exactly as it already is, by saying 'yes' to 'what is', is to live life without resistance. To resist 'what is' is to resist reality and is the fundamental cause of suffering in life. To resist 'what is' is insanity. At times, we are more insane than at others. But as we live our life, we can feel a 'great yes' swelling in our chest. Allow yourself to feel an open acceptance of what is, without any resistance or reservation what so ever.

Give up. Just stop it now, and relax. Give up. Life doesn't care about you any more than Santa Clause does!

What is, already is! Resistance is futile.

Aaron McNaught is an Educator, Consultant, Author, Psychiatric Nurse and Certified Hypno-Therapist, specializing in 'De-hypnosis' & Waking Up, as it relates to healing, growth, and beyond. He lives in Red Deer Alberta Canada and can be reached at

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