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Dream As Big As God!

Sounds like a tall order doesn't it? But I think you'll see that it's what we're expected to do. But you might say, "I've tried that and it didn't work. I'm still sitting in the same place I was. Maybe it's not God's will for me to dream big."

God formed man, the crown of His creation, to dream God-sized dreams. If we are in His image (Genesis 1:26), then we have His dreams inside of us. Let's walk through some suggestions to move you to that exhilarating place of anticipating God's best.

Identify What's Blocking You

Start by taking stock of what might be blocking your way.

First, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, identify any areas that might be holding you back. God wants us to receive all that He has for us, so He will be faithful to identify these areas for us -- once we are quite clear in ourselves that we really want to know.

Next, ask for the necessary change in the areas you've identified. (James 4:2)

Then, either make the changes the Holy Spirit indicates, or submit yourself to the change that He Himself will make in you. This will become clear as you spend time in the Word and in prayer. Consider daily communion and perhaps a period of fasting and prayer.

Finally, receive the manifestation of change.

Change Your Perspective

Now you're ready to stop thinking from inside the situation. Move your thinking outside of your circumstances and into your dream. That's one of the attributes that sets man apart from the rest of God's creation, not only the gift of dreaming, but the ability to step into the dream, causing it to become vision.

Don't confuse this with setting goals. A goal is a stepping stone, a position to be attained along the way, while a vision is a point of reference from which you're actually able to operate before you get there -- a gift God has given to man enabling him to see with heavenly perspective. Your perspective must not only be from within the specific vision, but must be even bigger. Adopt a godly perspective; after all, you are seated with Him in heavenly places (Ephesians 2:6).

What's Your Expectation?

Now, you must expect from God, and you must expect BIG! Know Who it is you're petitioning and expect accordingly. And don't ask until you're ready to expect! Anything less is an insult to God. Sound harsh? Reread our study called El Shaddai ? Giving, Asking & Receiving. When what you are asking is for His glory, according to His will as outlined in His word, He will not fail you. It's really quite simple ? He's either God or He's not.

How is this possible? How do you get to the place of this kind of expectation? By receiving a revelation of God's love for you personally. Once you get hold of this, along with an understanding of covenant (see our study entitled Whose Battle Is It?), you are ready for expectation to do it's job and make room for the expected blessing.

A couple of months ago I was blessed with a new bedroom set, a huge sleigh bed, a dresser and a nightstand. I arranged with the furniture store for a delivery date, but of course I had to move the old furniture out of the room first. How silly would it have been for me to wait and see if they would actually deliver the furniture before taking steps to make a space for it? I expected them to make good on their word, and even if something delayed delivery a day or so, I knew it was coming. I even painted the bedroom while I was waiting! If I can trust a furniture company with that level of expectation, how much more the God Who stepped off His throne and saved and delivered me and assured me of eternity in His presence?

We know what it looks like, this kind if expectation. It is the very atmosphere of receiving, and true expecting is solid faith, the kind in Hebrews 11:1, and it always makes room for the dream to become a reality.

Expectation builds an ark, even when no one has ever seen rain and the neighbors are taunting (Genesis 6:11-7:13). Expectation bubbles over with joy into laughter at a baby in the arms of a nonagenarian (Genesis 21:6). Expectation lovingly names every animal on the face of the earth while anticipating at any moment the perfect helpmate to appear (Genesis 2:18-23). Expectation boldly speaks the Gospel of the risen Lord to a crowd of thousands who would like to think you're drunk on wine at 9:00 in the morning (Acts 2:13-41). Expectation takes the hand of a crippled beggar at the gate Beautiful and boldly instructs him to stand for the first time since birth (Acts 3:6,7).

Expectation takes God at His word, and not only holds Him to His word, but holds to that word of promise, regardless of the circumstances. Expectation is the atmosphere for miracles; it opens the door of the supernatural into the natural. Be like Paul in Philippians 1:20, and "eagerly expect and hope" that God is a god of His Word and if He said it, He is also able to perform it beyond your wildest dreams (see Ephesians 3:20) ? don't slam the door on your manifestation. Dream and then expect as big as God!

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Karin Syren is the owner of So-lu'shunz Management Services and a certified coach specializing in executive mastermind coaching as well as issues faced by those in leadership positions. Using the unique EffectivenessCoachingTM model developed by Ms. Syren, she offers guidance in discovering mission, creating vision and designing goals for life and business. She has a particular desire to help people better identify the issues facing them, and to coach them through the steps in gaining, regaining, and maintaining control of their circumstances. Please see her website for details at

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